Coffee with Maria McCann

Coffee with Maria McCann - Well Festival of Literature

Short Story Competition Judge 2017

How do you take your coffee?
Decaffeinated.  Blame the doctor.

What makes a perfect day for you? 
A day with my writing group, who are also my friends, involving a walk by the sea, some writing or critiquing and lunch in a café near the beach.  Ideally there would also be a play or film in the evening.  I rarely manage this lovely combination but it has happened once or twice.

Cat or dog? 
Dog.  I have a little rescue terrier and can’t resist stroking other people’s dogs.

What is the title of your latest book? 
The last to be published was Ace, King, Knave.  I’m now working on one called The Leap.  It should really be The Crawl, since the book is taking forever to write.  I have always been a slow writer but I get there eventually.

Is there a film or book you have recently enjoyed that you would recommend to us? 
Peter Carey’s Amnesia.  It’s about teenage hackers in Melbourne and skulduggery in Australian politics but you don’t need to know about those things to enjoy it.

What’s next for you? 
A change of direction. Since 2015 I have been a Royal Literary Fund Fellow at the University of the West of England.  It’s been wonderful but the post is coming to an end and I am now involved in the Royal Literary Fund’s Writing Project, which is to launch shortly and pairs up professional writers with businesses, to support them in making their in-house literature clearer and more reader-friendly.  As part of my training I’ve already worked with Entrepreneurial Spark, Paper Arts and Spike Island, all in Bristol, and I’m looking forward to doing more of this work.  I have a story in an anthology called Kiss and Part which will appear later this year, published by the Hosking Houses Trust. And of course (no change of direction here) I have to finish that novel…

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