Education Projects 2016

Work with primary schools

Much of our education work throughout the year has been traditionally on projects with primary schools, culminating in a special event at the Town Hall during the Festival to which Year 6 children from local schools are invited. This has proved increasingly popular over the years and in 2016 demand was such that we ran two sessions. We are extremely grateful to author Piers Torday for speaking at this event in 2016.

Other 2016 projects with primary aged children included:

  • Glastonbury Small Schools Book Club for five schools
  • Reading workshops at Butleigh School led by author Joffre White
  • Creative writing sessions at Wookey School, led by Joffre White
  • Writing workshops for local Junior Schools led by Actiontrak and culminating in performances at Wookey Hole Cave
  • Award of prizes for story writing competition at Coxley School
  • Partnership with Shakespeare Schools Festival in their work with Horrington School culminating in a performance at The Egg, Bath
  • Contribution to printing costs of pupils’ stories based on local history
  • Workshop led by Piers Torday at Ashcott School

Primary Schools - Wells Festival of LiteraturePrimary Schools - Wells Festival of LiteraturePrimary Schools - Wells Festival of Literature

Work with older students

As our involvement with educational projects grows, we find we are increasingly working with secondary school students and older. Many events in our Festival programme have attracted a number of students to the Festival. With topics such as literature, politics, science, poetry and history being covered by some of the leading experts in the country, our speakers continue to offer inspirational new insights to ambitious students.

In addition, projects instigated and funded by the WFL in 2016 included:

  • Seminars led by author Emma Craigie for students at Strode College, discussing novelists’ research methods and the use of the media.
  • Shakespearean drama workshops at St Dunstan’s School
  • Writing workshops for senior students with author Alison Rattle
  • Partnership with Shakespeare Schools Festival in their work with Sexeys School leading to a performance at Merlin Theatre, Frome
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