Our Love of Words – Various Committee Members

Lord of the Rings - Wells Festival of LiteratureEmma Le Fevre, really i/c of all committees – a dedicated soul!
Her chosen word is  ‘phosphorescence’ and her favourite string of words (we hope to see more of these as the Festival draws closer) is ‘I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve’.

Alex Kolombos, Treasurer:
Monozygotic the twin I never had, and great for Scrabble! I absolutely loathe the end of the day. Can you imagine Salmon Rushdie’s novel…

Frances Rowe, i/c Events co-ordination:
Serendipitous and mellifluous. Today I also offer clemency.  Tomorrow it could be something else…  A word I find unattractive is pustulent

Sian Decamp, Booking Group:

Linda Davies who looks after all the leaflet and brochure distribution:
My contribution is amazing. I find this an extremely versatile word, which cannot only be used sincerely to show surprise and admiration, but also to extricate oneself from an embarrassing situation, such as when invited to admire something poorly executed or not to one’s taste. Amazing, delivered with a smile, is always an acceptable response. My least favourite word is rubbish, whether seen on the streets or used to describe a work of art or an opinion.

Stephen Green, i/c Ticketing:
As a child I used to love magic tricks so have always liked abracadabra.

Randall Heather, newest recruit to the committee:
Schlep – To carry or pull something with great difficulty. A Yiddish word, very New York City and wonderfully onomatopoeic. ‘There were no taxis available so she had to schlep her luggage across town.’

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