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Competitions are now closed

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The International Competitions are an integral part of the Wells Festival of Literature, with entries increasing every year, and submissions arriving from all over the world.

We have four categories of competition. The Open Poetry Competition, the Short Story Competition, a Book for Children Competition and finally the Young Poets Competition.

Our International Competitions will open on 1 April 2021, closing at midnight on 30 June 2021. Prizes for all four competitions will be presented on Monday 18 October 2021 during the Festival.

Poetry Reading and Prize Giving

The Poetry Reading for both the Young Poets and Open Poetry takes place immediately before the Prize Giving for all four categories. This special occasion is one of the highlights of the Festival when, for the first time, the winning writers are revealed and rewarded.

Please click here to watch the 2020 event.

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2020 International Competitions: Winners

Winners of the 2020 International Competitions have been announced

Competitions Archive

Winners of our previous Competitions