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Competitions Shortlists are announced

If you’re looking to know how I find opening times for shops in UK, then you’ve come to the right place. I used to work for a company that sold in supermarkets in the UK and it was quite useful to be able to find out what time the supermarkets were open in London, so I could make my travelling plans accordingly. It was also good for me because if I wanted to shop at a specific time I could just jump in the car and go. It was nice to have my own choice of when I shopped rather than depending on when the store opened. Visit our website and find actual information about opening hours in shops in United Kingdom.

Now I’m free to roam the whole of UK whenever I want, but this was something else that I had long struggled with when I was working. Not only did it mean that I had to travel for hours a day but it also meant that I couldn’t take my usual early morning shopping with me. I know when the stores are open in my local area because I can see them from my desk window. I’m not the only one who struggles with finding opening times for shops in UK, but there are many more people out there who share my problem. This article will hopefully help you to overcome the problem of finding opening times for shops in UK.

One thing that you could try is setting up your computer with an online time service, like My timed. You can set it up with a web form to show the times of opening for every store, and the web address for each store can be typed into the form. Of course, you may need to contact the stores personally to find out their opening hours, but the internet makes it very easy to do.

This year’s Competitions attracted more entries than ever before with our poetry competitions alone bringing in more than 1000 poems between them.

We are delighted to announce our competition shortlists. To see who has been shortlisted under each category please select the appropriate competition from the drop down menu.

Poetry Reading and Prize Giving

This event will take place in Cedars Hall, starting at 2.00 pm when shortlisted poems in the Young Poets category will be read out, followed by the Young Poetry Prize Giving.

At 3.00 pm the Open Poetry shortlisted poems will be read, followed by the Prize Giving for Open Poetry, Short Story and Book for Children. The event is expected to finish by 5.00 pm.

2.00 pm Monday 18 October   Free entry

The programme will be printed in a booklet containing all shortlisted poems (Open Poetry and Young Poets). This will cost £2 and will be available at the Prize Giving.

The four categories in our International Competitions were:

The Open Poetry Competition
Judged by Owen Sheers we also offer the Hilly Cansdale prize of £100 to the best local poet

The Short Story Competition
Judged by Sally Bayley and also with the Wyvern Short Story prize to the best local writer

Book for Children
Judged by Joanna Nadin with a special award for the best local writer

The Young Poets Competition
Judged by Phoebe Stuckes with a year’s subscription to the Poetry Society

If you are interested in this event:
You may also be interested in Owen Sheers at 6pm on Monday 18 October

Please click here to watch the 2020 event.

Competitions Archive

Winners of our previous Competitions