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Ambra Edwards

The Plant Hunter’s Atlas: A World Tour of Botanical Adventures, Chance Discoveries and Strange Specimens

Starts at: Saturday 16 October 10:30 AM
Finishes at: Saturday 16 October 11:30 AM

“A refreshingly insightful history of plant introductions” Roy Lancaster

Ambra Edwards’s lavishly illustrated compendium of plant discovery and exploration offers far more than glorious botanical artwork.  Ambra journeys where horticulture and adventure collide, sharing the most extraordinary tales of horticultural discovery and exploring the characters behind the stories.

She takes in the world’s inhabited continents and spans the centuries, ranging from tales of derring-do in the age of discovery to modern-day botanists working at the cutting-edge of science.  She reveals how plant hunters have been inspired by everything from scientific curiosity to economic greed or a reckless sense of adventure.

Discover plant hunters including Sir Joseph Banks, who voyaged with Captain Cook aboard the Endeavour and brought 30,000 specimens back to Kew; dauntless David Douglas of the Douglas fir, the ‘Green Samurai’ Mikinori Ogisu and intrepid women like pioneering entomologist and painter Maria Sybille Merian.

An award-winning journalist and garden historian, Ambra’s best-selling Head Gardeners was voted Garden Media Guild Book of the Year in 2017, while her Story of the English Garden (2018), written for the National Trust, was declared the definitive short account of the subject.