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Dr Lucy Pollock

The Book About Getting Older (for people who don’t want to talk about it)

Literary Lunch

Starts at: Friday 22 October 12:30 PM
Finishes at: Friday 22 October 3:00 PM

The speaker will join guests in the Dining Hall for lunch at 12.30 pm.

The Literary Lunch is an added option to be be purchased with your talk ticket at checkout.

Many of us are living to a great age. A long life should be embraced and celebrated, but it’s not all easy. How do we give those we love, and eventually ourselves, long lives that are as happy and healthy as possible? Even the most challenging situation can be helped by the right conversation.

Should Dad be driving, and if not, who can stop him? When does fierce independence become bad behaviour? Is it normal to find you’re falling out of love with someone, as they disappear into dementia? Should I be taking seven different medicines? What are the secrets of the best care homes? Who decides what happens when we become ill? And how do you manage discussions around resuscitation and intensity of treatments?

Serious, funny, kind and knowledgeable, Lucy Pollock goes straight to the heart of what matters most about getting older, helping us to face difficult questions. “Dr Lucy is the kind of person you want to clone – if only you
could clone experience and empathy – so as to make her available to everyone who is getting old. I suggest we all get
a copy of Dr Lucy’s book.”
Evening Standard
Students £16