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John Sutherland

Monica Jones, Philip Larkin and Me: Her Life and Long Loves

In conversation with Sarah LeFanu

Starts at: Wednesday 20 October 6:00 PM
Finishes at: Wednesday 20 October 7:00 PM

Monica Jones was Larkin’s partner for four decades: you will find her in his poetry – in Amis’s Lucky Jim. Important to Larkin, despite his infidelity, vilified for destroying his diaries and works, she was dismissed by his friends as “a grim old bag”.

Sutherland combines his memories as Monica’s student with her unseen letters exchanged with Larkin, revealing another side to both of them. Was the real Monica the brilliant academic, inspirational lecturer, witty conversationalist or the private writer of desperate, furious, libellous, drunken letters to the only man she could love but never possess?

Foremost scholar, critic and acclaimed biographer, Professor Sutherland “gets to the beating heart of Monica Jones…uncovers the true ruthlessness of Philip Larkin…it is a joy to read.Anne Robinson