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Lucy Jago

A Net for Small Fishes

In conversation with Andrew Miller

Talk only

Starts at: Tuesday 19 October 2:00 PM
Finishes at: Tuesday 19 October 3:00 PM

Frances Howard, beautiful with a powerful family – but the unhappiest creature in the world; Anne Turner, nowhere to display her wit and abilities – and only inches from destitution. When these two very different women meet in strange circumstances, a powerful friendship sparks a marriage of their talents.

Frankie sweeps Anne into a world of splendour and excess: the tumultuous court where a foreign king is a stranger to his subjects; ancient families fight for power in a savage hunting ground; the rise of the sovereign’s favourite depends on remaining in favour – and where to be noticed is to make dangerous enemies. Based on a true scandal that rocked James I’s court, Frances and Anne discover that what begins as a search for love, safety and a little happiness swiftly leads to desperate acts that could cost them everything.

A bravura historical debut from Lucy Jago, writer, BBC documentary maker and National Biography prize winner.

“Like all the best historical fiction… a gloriously immersive escape from present times” The Guardian
“The Thelma and Louise of the seventeenth century” Lawrence Norfolk