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Vince Cable

The Chinese Conundrum: Engagement or Economic War

Starts at: Monday 18 October 7:45 PM
Finishes at: Monday 18 October 8:45 PM

China has arguably become the largest economy on the planet – yet its relations with the rest of the world have deteriorated to an all-time low. Is this a temporary outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic and the personalities of China and America’s leaders? Or are these divergences going to become wider and more entrenched as China’s economy and technologies burgeon? What are the possible repercussions of the election of US President Joe Biden? Can the West learn from past mistakes and engage with China on many common interests, or are we on the verge of a new Cold War?

The Chinese Conundrum provides accessible and insightful answers to these and other vital questions of global politics and economics, examining the history of relationships between China and the West, alongside changes in attitudes on both sides.

Vince Cable, former MP for Twickenham, Secretary of State and President of the Board of Trade in the Coalition government, 2010 to 2015, is the acclaimed author of Money and Power, an economic history of international government; The Storm, the Sunday Times number-one bestseller about the banking crisis; his memoir Free Radical and the novel Open Arms.