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Benedict Allen

Explorer: The Quest for Adventure and the Great Unknown

Starts at: Monday 17 October 7:45 PM
Finishes at: Monday 17 October 8:45 PM

30 years ago, Benedict Allen made history, recording his crossing of the Amazon Basin with the latest invention, a hand-held video camcorder.  Eschewing the baggage of a western camera crew, Allen’s simple equipment pre-dated the video selfie and spawned multiple BBC documentaries, bringing the real experience of a genuinely tough adventure to TV for the first time.  

Returning to New Guinea, Benedict says: ‘Exploration isn’t about planting flags or conquering nature… It’s about…opening up, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, letting the place and people make their mark on you.’ This included being shot by Pablo Escobar’s assassins, robbed and left to die by loggers and suffering extreme pain while undergoing the world's harshest male initiation ceremony.

Today he explains how we can all tackle our jungles.

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