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Chitra Ramaswamy

Homelands: The History of a friendship

Starts at: Saturday 22 October 5:30 PM
Finishes at: Saturday 22 October 6:30 PM

Holocaust survivor Henry Wuga, now aged 97, arrived in the UK with the Kindertransport when he was 15. He was followed a few months later by his future wife, Ingrid. Together, they went on to found the biggest Jewish catering company in Glasgow and, much later, travelled the world sharing their story of flight, internment and survival.

Award-winning journalist, author and critic Chitra Ramaswamy draws on ten years of friendship with Wuga to explore the contrasts and similarities between their two very different life stories. Homelands is a deeply moving read that offers a new perspective on nationality, prejudice, family, community, immigration and the desire to belong.

‘Immediately, poignantly gripping . . . Laconic and magnificent.’ The Guardian