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Dipo Faloyin

Africa Is Not A Country: Breaking Stereotypes of Modern Africa 

Starts at: Thursday 20 October 6:00 PM
Finishes at: Thursday 20 October 7:00 PM

The stereotypical view of Africa is as well-known as it is simplistic: an arid red landscape of famines and safaris, uniquely plagued by poverty and strife. Look again – through the eyes of Nigerian-born Dipo Faloyin – and see instead an entirely different Africa.

Dipo Faloyin, one of our most exciting young journalists, blends intimate personal vignettes with astute political analysis to create a funny, insightful and entertaining picture of what constitutes contemporary Africa.

From urban life in Lagos to the story of democracy in seven dictatorships, Faloyin explores each country’s heritage to shine a brilliant light of reality on this diverse, much misunderstood continent.

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