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This is Europe Cover

Ben Judah

This is Europe: The Way We Live Now

Starts at: Tuesday 31 October 6:00 PM
Finishes at: Tuesday 31 October 7:00 PM
Ben Judah Photo
Tickets: On Sale from Monday 31 July, 9:30 AM

What does it mean to be European? In Ben Judah’s vivid and unsettling book we are invited to meet some 20 Europeans who are not at all as we would have expected. Part of the population of 750 million who live in a land which sprawls from Ireland to Ukraine and from Sweden to Turkey, these are people we might not recognise.  Through a series of in-depth interviews Judah introduces us to the inhabitants of a transformed Europe: the people who drive our long-distance lorries, steward our criss-crossing planes, craft our legacy wines and fish our depleted waters.

These vital and empathetic stories paint a revealing portrait of the people who live in a frenetic and vibrant continent which has been transformed by diversity migration, the internet, climate change, Covid, war and the quest for freedom.

‘An abundance of stories which will make you lurch between fascination, laughter and tears’