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On Savage Shores Book Cover

Caroline Dodds Pennock

On Savage Shores: How Indigenous Americans Discovered Europe  

Starts at: Wednesday 01 November 6:00 PM
Finishes at: Wednesday 01 November 7:00 PM
Caroline Dodds Pennock Photo

Contrary to received opinion that modern global history began when Christopher Columbus 'discovered' America in 1492, Caroline Dodds Pennock shows how, for tens of thousands of Aztecs, Maya, Totonacs, Inuit and others, the reverse was true. They discovered Europe, a continent comprising savage shores – a land of riches and marvels, yet perplexing for its brutal disparities of wealth and quality of life, and its baffling beliefs. The story of these Indigenous Americans abroad is a story of abduction, loss, cultural appropriation, and, as they saw it, of apocalypse - a story that has largely been absent from our collective imagination of the times. 
These people were rendered exotic - demeaned and marginalised - but their worldviews and cultures had a profound impact on European civilisation.

The UK’s only Aztec historian shatters our Eurocentric understanding of the Age of Discovery.

‘ ‘a thrilling revelation’ - Adam Rutherford 

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