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Mirror of Greatness Cover

David Reynolds

Mirrors of Greatness: Churchill and the Leaders who Shaped Him

Starts at: Tuesday 31 October 4:15 PM
Finishes at: Tuesday 31 October 5:15 PM
David Reynolds credit Graham Kope Coga Photo

Winston Churchill indisputably achieved his ambition to be ‘great’ and to attain historical immortality. His actions as a soldier and politician, and his writings as a journalist and historian all played their part. But so too, reveals Professor David Reynolds, did the leaders he encountered along the way, both friends and foes, at home and abroad.

David Reynolds’ inspired new book explores the many varied influences on Churchill’s success from Hitler and Mussolini to Churchill senior and ‘darling Clemmie’. From Clement Attlee to Mahatma Gandhi. Not all those featured would have been considered great by Churchill himself but their influence nevertheless would have made a powerful impact. Mirrors of Greatness offers a dazzling reflection on what it took to shape this unique man; what indeed made him tick.