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Who gets Believed? Book Cover

Dina Nayeri

Who Gets Believed: When the Truth Isn’t Enough

Starts at: Saturday 04 November 5:30 PM
Finishes at: Saturday 04 November 6:30 PM
Dina Nayeri credit Anna Leader Photo
Tickets: On Sale from Monday 31 July, 9:30 AM

If you can’t guarantee that by telling the truth you will be trusted, what hope is there for honesty? If telling a story in a credible way is the result of the privilege of being ‘in the know’, what does this mean for the outsiders? Dina Nayeri has combined her own life experiences with in-depth reportage to produce a thought-provoking reflection on the unspoken social codes that determine how we relate to each other. By taking us behind the scenes in courtrooms, corporate boardrooms, classrooms, even casualty departments, Dina examines what constitutes believability and how performance can be used for persuasion.

Dina was born in Iran and currently teaches at the University of St Andrews. She is the author of two novels and a prize-winning book of creative non-fiction, The Ungrateful Refugee.

‘If you are a good storyteller, you will be trusted.’

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