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Who Cares Book Cover

Emily Kenway

Who Cares: The Hidden Crisis of Caregiving and how we solve it

Starts at: Saturday 28 October 10:30 AM
Finishes at: Saturday 28 October 11:30 AM
Emily Kenway credit Kirill Koslov

Millions of people worldwide quietly care for loved ones: one-in-eight people in the UK and a sixth of the total US population.

For many, this is a full-time job, saving our economies billions. Yet paltry financial handouts for informal caregivers, plus a dearth of structures to support them, means that provision for people in this situation is at best hopelessly inadequate, at worst completely non-existent. As Emily Kenway discovered when she found herself caring for her mother.

Blending memoir, polemic and deeply researched investigation, Who Cares lifts the lid on a subject society finds hard to confront. This is Emily's personal story, as well as that of other caregivers and those receiving care. By combining unflinching investigations into the facts of care with research from scientists at the forefront of potential solutions, this radical book shows how we need to reimagine the fundamental building blocks of our world to ensure caregiving is at its heart.

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