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Life in the Balance Book Cover

Jim Down

Life in the Balance: A Doctor’s Stories of Intensive Care
In conversation with Julia Samuel

Starts at: Sunday 29 October 4:15 PM
Finishes at: Sunday 29 October 5:15 PM
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Tickets: On Sale from Monday 31 July, 9:30 AM

At the very heart of the intensive care unit - where the sickest patients are treated until their condition improves – the quietly heroic work of the doctors and nurses continues day after day, night after night. The ICU is a place which sits at the cutting edge of medical technology and where a split-second decision can make the difference between life and death. Jim Down describes with honesty, humility and a streak of dark humour the very different cases he has worked on in these challenging circumstances: headline-grabbing cases like that of Alexander Litvinenko, poisoned by Russian agents, through to the appalling aftermath of a train crash.

Life in the Balance offers the first real glimpse of intensive care medicine, including its deleterious effects, its enormous rewards and its immense challenges, including the mundane daily struggle simply to find enough beds.

‘A life spent pulling people back from death.’

Sponsored by Jo Littman and John Jackson