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Bringing Down Goliath Book Cover

Jolyon Maugham

Bringing Down Goliath
In conversation with Sarah LeFanu

Starts at: Wednesday 01 November 7:45 PM
Finishes at: Wednesday 01 November 8:45 PM
Jolyon Maugham Photo

Good Law Project founder Jolyon Maugham believes that our legal system often feels as though it only works for the rich and powerful. In this inspirational book, Maugham demonstrates how the law could work better for us all. By putting power in the hands of ordinary people, Good Law Project has brought a series of landmark cases: reversing Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament, challenging the failures of Brexit, shining a light on the tax arrangements of business giants such as Uber.  

In Bringing Down Goliath Maugham reveals the stories behind these actions and explains what inspired him to dedicate his life to legal activism.

Controversial and hard-hitting, this story can’t be ignored.