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Around the World in 80 Games Cover

Marcus du Sautoy

Around the World in 80 Games: A Mathematician unlocks the Secrets of the Greatest Games

Starts at: Friday 03 November 8:00 PM
Finishes at: Friday 03 November 9:00 PM
Marcus du Sautoy Photo

This gleeful work of exploration takes us on a mathematical journey across the centuries and through countries, continents and cultures.  Renowned mathematician Marcus du Sautoy looks at the way mathematics has always been deeply intertwined with games and investigates how games themselves can provide us with opportunities for mathematical insight into the world.

Understanding maths can help us play games better since both activities are integral to human psychology and culture. From Mancala to Chess to Dungeons & Dragons, games are not simply an enjoyable diversion. They are rather the height of human ingenuity. Ours is the species that loves playing games: not homo sapiens but homo ludens.  This book is suitable for everyone ‘from age 8 to 108.’  So come and join Marcus on his journey around the world in 80 games.

You simply can’t lose…

Sponsored by Nick and Denise Brice