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The Wife of Bath Book Cover

Marion Turner

The Wife of Bath: A Biography

Starts at: Saturday 28 October 3:45 PM
Finishes at: Saturday 28 October 4:45 PM
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Described as the first recognisably real woman in English literature, The Wife of Bath would have sympathised with the #MeToo generation. Generally agreed to be Chaucer’s most popular character, the Wife (aka Alison) is also his most scandalous. An extremely funny working woman, she talks explicitly about sexual pleasure and her active sex life. But she also suffered domestic abuse and shares her story of rape and redemption with her fellow pilgrims.

Marion Turner is Professor of English literature at the University of Oxford, where she is a tutorial fellow of Jesus College. In her entertaining new biography, we find the fictional Wife of Bath set against and compared with the lives of real medieval women as well as discovering how she continues to cast her spell across the centuries, providing inspiration for poets, playwrights and novelists alike.

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