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An Uneasy Inheritance Book Cover

Polly Toynbee

An Uneasy Inheritance: My Family and other Radicals

Starts at: Saturday 28 October 7:30 PM
Finishes at: Saturday 28 October 8:30 PM
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Tickets: On Sale from Monday 31 July, 9:30 AM

Polly Toynbee comes from a long line of committed ‘left wing rabble-rousers railing against injustice.’ Her ancestors could never claim to be working class, settling instead for the prosperous and comfortable life of academia or journalism. Using the prism of this extraordinary family, Polly Toynbee examines the true state of class in Britain and attempts to answer the question: where did that leave their ideals of class equality? 

The family includes her writer father Philip and historian grandfather Arnold in addition to everyone from the Glenconners to Jessica Mitford to Bertrand Russell. And it features ancestral home Castle Howard as a backdrop.  This is a fascinating examination of the myth of mobility and the guilt of privilege in which the award-winning journalist asks for a truly honest conversation about class in Britain. 

’…the best, and least hypocritical, book about class I've ever read’
Andrew Marr

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