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Ten Birds that Changed the World Book Cover

Stephen Moss

Ten Birds That Changed the World
Literary Lunch Event

Starts at: Friday 03 November 2:00 PM
Finishes at: Friday 03 November 3:00 PM
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The human race has lived side by side with birds since the very beginning. We have venerated birds throughout history; yet we have also exploited them. We have used some as an inspiration for art and music; yet we have driven others to extinction.

Stephen Moss, local resident and President of the Somerset Wildlife Trust, knows more about the birds of the world than most, and shares this expertise in a fascinating and engaging way. Selecting ten species from all seven continents he brings a new and illuminating understanding to these wonderful creatures with whom we share our world.

Right from Odin’s mythical raven through to that potent symbol of today, the magnificent Emperor penguin: where would we be without our feathered friends?

Tickets can be purchased to just the talk or the talk and the Literary Lunch.
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Literary Lunch

Our popular Literary Lunch gives you a chance to meet Stephen Moss in advance of the talk - in the relaxed surroundings of the Dining Hall at Cedars House. Stephen will join guests for lunch at 12.30pm before the short walk across to Cedars Hall where the talk will begin at 2pm.


French onion soup followed by lemon tart with clotted cream.
The soup is accompanied by artisan breads.

Please contact the box office on 01749 834483 if you have any special dietary requirements.

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