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Our 2021 Festival is taking shape

The programme for our 29th Festival is already being put together and we are looking forward to sharing details later this year.

It will run from Friday 15 through to Saturday 23 October and is likely to consist of mainly live events, with a few, if necessary, being ‘virtual’.

As an added bonus the entire 2021 Festival will also be live-streamed, allowing those unable to attend in person to enjoy every event. That includes our growing audience from around the world!

Our International Competitions also return this year, opening for entries on 1 April 2021.


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  • Ever since 2014 the Wells Festival of Literature has been recognised by its iconic green and yellow apostrophes.  Now the Festival has reinvigorated those well-known literary markers, making them bolder and brighter yet still a perfect reminder of what our Festival is all about: namely a celebration of the written word. This innovative departure for […]

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  • Professor Helen Taylor was a speaker and an interviewer in Wells this year. She describes the experience: As I struggled into a pair of sleek satin tights on a Tuesday morning, I realised I hadn’t worn a skirt or dressed smartly for over eight months. It was a wet October day and I was off […]