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2020 Festival: There’s a Change to the Crime!

The countdown to the first event of the Festival has begun and with it a last-minute change to the programme which might make you shudder with fear, especially if you are a novelist!

Elly Griffiths, who was due to be discussing dangerous women in crime with fellow author Lucy Atkins, will be appearing completely alone on the Festival stage. Her only companion will be a spine-chilling tale of murder and mystery. Centring round the death of a 90-year old woman who plotted murders for crime writers, this is a literary whodunnit which is written with wit, warmth and a welter of dead bodies, most of them writers of crime fiction!

This gripping page-turner comes from the creator of the popular Dr Ruth Galloway series and is quite literally hot off the press, having been published this month. When crime writers start turning up dead, questions are asked… who dreams up the plots for these murder mysteries?

It’s a question Elly Griffiths is uniquely qualified to answer when she appears Live in Wells on Sunday 18 October at 4.15 pm.