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2018 Festival: A New Outlook

The Festival venue is moving – to the city’s newest performance facility, Cedars Hall, a comfortable, modern and convenient venue at the heart of Wells.

Our aims, however, have not changed. We will continue to celebrate the written word and encourage a love of books and reading.  So the end result will remain the same: an inspiring, informative, challenging and entertaining Festival programme. Plans have already begun for 2018, with some exciting names already booked and others on the point of confirming.

Wells Festival of Literature Education with InjaWe will also continue with the same, ever-expanding educational programme; in 2017 the Festival donated some £20,000 to educational projects in the local area, and this year the programme has already got off to an excellent start. This element of our activities has grown enormously over the past years. In the last week of February 2018 alone we helped fund two author visits: Abi Elphinstone went to Ashcott School, whilst Steve Voake ran a creative writing day at North Curry Primary School. And in the same week we arranged for the popular and inspirational poet/rapper Inja to work with the children of The Fosse Way School and The Mendip School (pictured here, with kind permission of The Mendip Times). The Festival of Literature is proud of its record of working with young people in this way, and is very grateful to our supporters and sponsors whose generosity enables us to provide a raft of opportunities that school budgets are unable to cover.

The 2018 Festival will run from 19 to 27 October, and updates will be found here on our website. Alternatively you can contact us and subscribe to our newsletter for more regular news and information.

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