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2017 Competitions: Winners

Congratulations to all the winners, and we would also like to thank everyone who entered.

Poetry Competition

The 2017 Poetry competition was judged by Maria McCann

Poetry Winners – 2017 Winners

PositionTitleAuthorDownload Link (Subject to Availability)
1stThe Bellwether Kathy Miles Download PDF of The Bellwether by Kathy Miles
2ndWaterlogJudy O'Kane Download PDF of Waterlog by Judy O'Kane
3rdWaiting to hear the NightingalePat Borthwick Download PDF of Waiting to hear the Nightingale by Pat Borthwick
Local prizeFrench PlaitMargaret Histed Download PDF of French Plait by Margaret Histed
The People's ChoiceAdvanced PhysicsRoger Adams Download PDF of Advanced Physics by Roger Adams

Short Story Competition

The 2017 Short Story competition was judged by Gillian Clarke

Short Story – 2017 Winners

1stThe Last Word Nicola Ratnett
2ndFinding Lives Valerie Bowes
3rdRollingClare Weze
Local prizeMonsterStephen Tole

Book for Children Competition

The 2017 Book for Children competition was judged by Steve Voake

Book for Children – 2017 Winners

1stElsetimeEve McDonell
2ndThe Alchemist's Apprentice Andrew Miller
3rdMairi and the StonesWendy McArdle

2020 International Competitions: Winners

Winners of the 2020 International Competitions have been announced

Competitions Archive

Winners of our previous Competitions