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2018 Competitions: Winners

Congratulations to all the winners, and we would also like to thank everyone who entered.

Poetry Competition

The 2018 Poetry competition was judged by Terry Gifford

Poetry Winners – 2018 Winners

PositionTitleAuthorDownload Link (Subject to Availability)
1st and Hilly Cansdale Local winnerOne little roome an everywhereRosie Jackson Download PDF of One little roome an everywhere by Rosie Jackson
2ndGeistChristopher North Download PDF of Geist by Christopher North
3rdLiferLinda Saunders Download PDF of Lifer by Linda Saunders
The Festival's Favourite Poem*From Langport to Muchelney: MidsummerRosie Jackson Download PDF of From Langport to Muchelney: Midsummer by Rosie Jackson

Short Story Competition

The 2018 Short Story competition was judged by Helen Stevenson

Short Story – 2018 Winners

PositionTitleAuthorDownload Link (Subject to Availability)
1stNow we are PinkMax Dunbar Download PDF of Now we are Pink by Max Dunbar
2ndThe Kissing PostMichelle Briscombe Download PDF of The Kissing Post by Michelle Briscombe
3rdEntanglementAlex Reece Abbott Download PDF of Entanglement by Alex Reece Abbott
The Wyvern Local Prize Winner Human FrailtyClaire Barnard Download PDF of Human Frailty by Claire Barnard

Book for Children Competition

The 2018 Book for Children competition was judged by Gill McLay

Book for Children – 2018 Winners

1stOvergroundRebecca English
2ndTroglodyteLynda Massiah
3rd and Local winner Taking FlightJames Dron

Young Poets Competition

The 2018 Young Poets competition was judged by Miriam Nash, Miriam Nash returns for the 2019 Young Poets Competition.

Young Poets – 2018 Winners

PositionTitleAuthorDownload Link (Subject to Availability)
1stSomething BrokenCatherine Darwen Download PDF of Something Broken by Caterine Darwen
2ndCarmelaTom Clarke Download PDF of Carmela by Tom Clarke
3rdA group of Related ThingsRhiannon Davies Download PDF of A group of Related Things by Rhiannon Davies
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Competitions Archive

Winners of our previous Competitions