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A Celebration of Words

The 26th Wells Festival of Literature proved to be a celebration of words like never before. Our iconic quotation marks were seen all over the county, heralding the 2018 Festival’s brilliant mix of topics in a quirky and unforgettable way. What had not been anticipated was how quickly our audiences, and our speakers, would want to express their appreciation. Words of congratulation – in various forms – have been flooding in!

‘An impeccably run festival, held in such a gorgeous place… I must say Wells was one of the happiest experiences. A joy to do.’

‘Thank you for a wonderful day! … and what a wonderful venue!’

‘A festival that is warm and vibrant, with a wonderfully engaged audience, friendly and hospitable organisers… A treat for all book-lovers.’

‘Please congratulate your team for the organisation’

‘A fascinating discussion’

‘…something special by one of our most eminent war historians’

‘I found this talk invaluable on two levels, as both a Literature student and a teenage girl.’

‘a compelling view’

‘…his lively and thought-provoking discussion’

‘…the erudition, education and enthusiasm of Jack Hartnell’s talk…’

And last, but certainly not least, a few words from reviewer Chris Inge on the stunning performance by poet Tony Walsh:
’s he poet or stand-up?
How on earth did he land up
In lil’old, rarely bold Wells?
He treats the mic like a pop-star
He must drive a supercar:
Should I clap when he stops or scream?
He’s made Manchester
Sexier than Granchester:
Ariane says the best of her
Came out when he spoke.