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Shed-loads of Books!

With the 2020 Festival over, and the streamed events all watched, our other book business began: the business of inspiring a love of literature in the younger generation. Funding virtual author talks in local schools has been an important feature of our work this year – but there was nothing virtual about the books we dropped off at The Connect Centre in Wells! An amazing selection of 180 books will be part of the Christmas Boxes for families in need at this time of year.

Connect Centre Christmas BoxesWells Festival of Literature has also funded a reading shed for St Aldhem’s VA Church Primary School! It arrived in time to play the role of ‘stable’ in the school nativity play, but has now been turned into a themed reading shed where children share books, read to each other and learn to enjoy recognising the tricky words and phonics they have been learning. The theme will change regularly to promote the wonderful world of books and reading.

We are delighted to end 2020 on such a positive note and would like to thank all our Friends, sponsors, supporters and audiences (live and virtual!) for making this possible. See you in 2021…A Letter of Thank you from St Aldhelms