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Your chance to peek behind the curtains

Sneaking behind the scenes of public life is one of the chief delights of attending the Wells Festival of Literature. Coming face to face with people who know what makes the country’s key figures tick is always fascinating and this year the stories they have to tell are proving more riveting than ever. Beatings in Beijing, promises from Presidents, treachery in the royal family, distortions from Downing Street. Even the arrogance of Agamemnon…

These are just some of the snippets shared with the Cedars Hall audience during the first couple of days. There were plenty more – and there will be many more yet to come! With tickets still available for most of the 20 events left at time of writing, it is definitely worth looking at the programme again to see where you might discover something you didn’t even know you didn’t know! About the Great Gatsby perhaps? Or Dickens? Or slavery in the present day? Robert Maxwell? Getting old? Hunting down a Nazi?

The choice and variety is huge but best of all it doesn’t matter if you can’t decide. All the events will be available to watch again (and again!) until the end of November, so you can catch up with all the insights, backstage buzz and gossip whenever you want. WFL event recordings are free to view but donations are very welcome so that we can continue to support a host of educational projects in the local area.

By the way, did you know that a single sentence about swallows (the birds) could guide all the delegates at the COP26 Summit in Glasgow straight to the best conclusion?