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2010 Festival

Here is a list of the speakers who appeared at the Wells Festival of Literature in 2010

TalkGavin Prector PinneyUnknown
LunchRichard W?Unknown
TalkPeter TaylorUnknown
Schools EventBen CrystalUnknown
Schools EventJeremy de QuidtUnknown
LunchChristopher AndrewUnknown
TheatreColin PinneyUnknown
LunchDon McCullinUnknown
LunchDon McCullinUnknown
TalkChris TuttonUnknown
LunchAdrian TinniswoodUnknown
LunchJames CrowdenUnknown
TalkRachel BillingtonBook Group event
TalkDavid ShukmanUnknown
TalkPeter ThorntonUnknown
TalkChris MullinUnknown
TalkHilary SpurlingUnknown
TalkTristram HuntUnknown
TalkTobias JonesUnknown
TalkSarah DuncanUnknown
TalkAlexander McCall SmithUnknown
WorkshopAnna KnowlesUnknown