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2019 Festival: Festival Fever Starts Here

Friends Event with Sponsors of the Wells Festival of Literature Last week we held the very first event of 2019 – a magnificent occasion in Cedars Hall on 15 July which marked our gratitude to all our Friends, sponsors and supporters. Without their generosity, the Festival would be unable to provide the educational support to over 40 local schools which is so much a feature of our work. Last year we raised over £20,000 which went directly into imaginative educational projects. We plan to extend that work during 2019 and beyond.

Friends Event with Ben Kane The Festival’s passion for education was also evident on 15 July when the intrepid writer, historian and former vet Ben Kane shared his love of the Romans with a lucky audience of invited guests. Ben is a best-selling author, with a large number of brilliant Roman books under his belt (a Roman belt of course). But his talk was about far more than thrilling stories! Ben takes this historical period very seriously, and has walked not just Hadrian’s Wall but also the Appian Way – in full Roman dress. He even had his own authentic swords made for the trip… (Audience members were relieved to hear they were blunter than they looked!)

Friends Event with Ben Kane Priority ticket booking also began on 15 July and got off to a powerful start. Every single event attracted sales, a trend that has continued now that booking is open to one and all. During the first morning of public booking alone, over 500 tickets were sold. We don’t advise delaying your choice…

You can find full details of all the events on offer in our distinctive new brochure which is widely available throughout the area or on our 2019 Festival page. Either way, we are confident you will find much to keep you entertained, informed and amused.

Thanks to Mark Adler of the Mendip Times for the pictures