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The pictures speak volumes

As you can probably guess from Jo Shepherd’s comprehensive pictorial round-up of our 30th Anniversary Festival, it was a record-breaking event – and hugely welcome.

Although we were proud of the fact that we kept the Festival going through the past two Covid-affected ‘lean years’, we were understandably saddened by the empty seats in Cedars Hall – both in the auditorium and on the stage. This year, with no social distancing required, our sadness was in having to turn people away: several events were oversubscribed, and a large proportion of the speakers attracted a full house. What’s more, we were delighted that not a single author had to pull out at short notice – a record in itself!

The variety of topics on offer at Wells is always second to none. This year was no exception. From regicide to fishing, from the Middle East to a Welsh kitchen, from politics to rats’ whiskers, from oligarchs to old age, from the condition of precious ancient manuscripts right through to the state of the nation – today! 

Whatever event/s you attended, we’re confident that your outlook shifted by the time you emerged. Whether you listened to the reminiscences of one of the much-admired household names in the programme or heard for the first time the unfamiliar ideas of a revolutionary young journalist, or former soldier, or feminist zoologist, you will have undoubtedly discovered something different or unexpected. And while making that discovery you have also made the 2022 Wells Festival of Literature the busiest and most successful yet. Which means we are in a position to support more local educational projects than ever before.

Thank you.

And see you next year!